It's all about Le Vetements

I love what Vetements did here. Pairing a wide leather belt with an oversized sweatshirt?: √

Clash of cultures

"A new artwork painted by Banksy on the treatment of people in the Calais camp known as the Jungle was removed from a site in Knightsbridge in London opposite the French embassy. Based on a poster for musical Les Miserables it shows a girl with tears in her eyes as a can of CS gas lies beneath her." Via the BBC, this week in pictures.

Photograph taken by Yui Mok

Photograph taken by Yui Mok

Bright Young Thing

By Sara Vide-Ericson

Love it! All of these paintings are oil on canvas or paper...don't they look like photographs? Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, this 32-year-old artist is quite a talent.

"There is intimate tension and quiet suspense in the new paintings and drawings by Sara-Vide Ericson. We are in the woods, in the borderland between culture and nature. In beautiful and eerie tableaus, Ericson takes us on a tightrope walk between the conscious and subconscious." Right up my alley.

uiThe Beast Turning Back, 2014

uiThe Beast Turning Back, 2014

Talisman, 2015

Talisman, 2015

Eels, 2013

Eels, 2013

Totems, 2015

Totems, 2015

He's a fine wine

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2016. Stoked.

When I was a Tel Avivian

Without question, the best part of Tel Aviv is Yafo, the oldest and coolest part of the city.

With archaeological evidence dating back to 1440 BCE, Yafo (also spelled 'Jaffa') has some serious historical roots; it's roughly 3,000 years old. Yafo is beyond creative and totally has its own style, food, and culture. The cobblestone streets are narrow and full of tiny boutiques and restaurants. I miss it!

Snow birds

The first time I set foot on a beach that embodied my idea of perfection was in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

Truly, I was floored. In all of my life I had never seen such beautiful, clear, warm and clean water. Nothing here is edited or enhanced - just know that heaven does exist.

'Fear and Clothing'

A new book on American style by Cintra Wilson.

Retracing Modern Moroccan Architecture

Morocco's distinctive blend of Arabian, Berber and French influences shaped their extraordinarily creative and vibrant culture. I fell in love with Marrakesh's architecture and gardens. Don't get me started on the food or the spices. This place is a dream. I can't wait to go back.

I took these photos with an iPhone 4S so please excuse the pixelation!

Living vicariously

Cartagena, Colombia.

These photos were taken by the effervescent Skylar Stetten, who's soaking up rays in South America while I'm in the midst of a snowy New York winter. Thanks for sending Sky!

This is a cobbler in India.

Since the beginning of my life as a nomad, I've searched the world for cobblers.

Cobblers are artists and their craft, when truly outstanding in its attention to detail, is something to be admired. I've used the same cobbler in New York for years now and when I began to travel regularly he asked me to photograph a cobbler, anywhere in the world, to add to his international cobblers wall of fame in his shop. I searched endlessly to no avail until my trip to India, where I saw this adorable man on the street in his "shop."

This Bombay local did not speak English, but there were several English-speaking men around to kindly translate my question, "May I take your photograph?" He looked up at me, carefully and slowly combed his eyebrows, and grinned.

After all, Jimmy Choo was once a humble cobbler, too...;)

Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India