Inside Petra: World Heritage Site and a check off the bucket list...

Petra is a historic red-rock city carved directly into soaring sandstone cliffs in the Ma'an Governorate of Jordan. 

Petra (meaning "stone" in Greek) was inhabited by the Nabateans, an ancient, nomadic Arabic tribe who designated Petra as their capital city circa 6th century B.C. Travelers walk through al-Siq السيق‎ also known as "the sic," to reach the official entrance to Petra - and the long stroll through the narrow gorges is the only way to access the city.  The mountains tower around you with swirls of every shade of red until you see the resplendent first view of the Treasury building appear in the distance.

Around the city you'll find numerous ruins of tombs and temples.  If you climb the hundreds of steps to the top of the archeological site you'll find an impressively in tact Monastery, worth-the-climb views, Bedouin style shops and places to sit and drink tea along the way.

Petra is a necessary stop for travelers, explorers, historians...any souls who marvel at the astounding work and capacity of mankind.

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