Lovely Bones

My eye is on scrimshaw jewelry, which is made of fossilized ancient bone or ivory.

I guess scrimshaw has never been particularly trendy, but I know if I saw someone wearing one of these Me&Ro skull pieces, I would demand to know where it's from! These are all limited edition, but you can find resale pieces from this collection on Pinterest. Adorned with crosses and roses to symbolize rebirth, I'm reminded of Georgia O'Keeffe's still life skulls and flowers paintings.

Scrimshaw is a technique developed over 200 years ago in New England, when whaling was one of the largest industries in America. As the bones and teeth from whales were always found on the ships, sailors idle at sea would scratch them with knives or sailing needles and fill their etchings with ink. 

Headline Quote: Alice Sebold

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