Electric Gypsy

The first time I laid eyes on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance I was a teenager in a tiny, overstocked bookstore in San Francisco.

'Pink! Motorcycles! Zen!' was my naive inner dialogue at the timeI mean, it's a pretty good looking cover. However, as an overprotected 15-year-old, my mother would not allow me to buy it (le sigh). So, I read it in college.

Zen was rejected 121 times before it was published. You may have already guessed that the book has nothing to do with motorcycle maintenance. Rather, author Robert M. Pirsig expounds his views on philosophy and the world at large by telling a story about a father and son who travel together on a motorcycle trip across the USA. 

Brilliant, intense and overwhelmingly quotable, every other sentence offers life-changing perspectives on societal topics, specifically regarding the advent of technology. While some of my own beliefs are vastly different, I can't deny the power of Pirsig's profound one-liners. Zen is an American classic.

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